Study Buddies ®
Sunday Skills Program
Rebecca Mannis, Ph.D. – Executive Director

Study Buddies® is a Sunday program at Ivy Prep Learning Center that is geared for Middle School and Upper School Students who need to develop independent study skills. Students participate in this small-group (maximum of six students per session) program for a full semester. Separate Middle School and Upper School groups are in formation.

An Ivy Prep Science/Math specialist and Reading/Skills specialist will each mentor students throughout each session. The same two specialists and six students will participate throughout the entire semester, and specialists will be supervised about each student’s individual learning style and study skills goals for the semester.

The Ivy Prep specialists rotate continuously during each two-hour session with students to mentor students about specific assignments or test-prepping that each student must accomplish. The specialists will mentor students about what specific strategies they can practice independently during the time that they are working alone.

Some participants in Study Buddies® use this Sunday time as an opportunity to practice and enhance the strategies they honed during their individual weekly sessions at Ivy Prep Learning Center. Other participants do not require individualized work, and this program is an avenue for them to transition to more effective independent weekday homework skills. All students are screened in advance by Dr. Mannis to determine whether they are appropriate candidates for Study Buddies® and for working in a small-group program.

Each Study Buddies® participant has a personal work folder on the Ivy Prep computer network and will have access to a computer for study purposes. Pizza and snacks will be provided to students so that they are able to use the two-hour supervised study experience to their greatest advantage, in a warm, friendly and highly structured setting.

Dr. Mannis communicates with parents and specialists throughout the week so that the specialists are apprised of specific goals for each student. Classroom teachers and other specialists consulting to students are welcome to share particular goals or content that are priorities, as well.

To sum it up, here is what our Study Buddies® program offers:
Individualized guidance in a small group (max. 6 students)
Math/Science & Reading/Writing/Study Skills specialists rotate between students
Individual study rooms and state-of-the-art technology for student use
Customized support for each student’s individual learning style
Separate Middle School and Upper School Groups

Groups forming now…for additional information or enrollment, please contact the Ivy Prep Learning Center at (212) 360-5959.


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